Sunday October 21, 2018

Children's Party Music

As with most parties, you need well chosen music to really set the right mood at a children's party. Here are some suggestions and tips to help you get this important element of the party right. The suggested CDs below are especially appropriate for birthday parties. Many theme or seasonal parties, eg halloween parties, require different music choices.

Music Ideas

Hello Children Everywhere

This is a great and very reasonably priced box set collection of old, classic children's songs. Many of these songs will be instantly recognisable to parents (and grandparents) from their childhoods - I remember hearing some of these regularly on Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart and Tony Blackburn's children's radio shows in the 70s & 80s. The collection spans many decades, up to the early 1980s, but most of the tracks here could be considered timeless children's classics. Needless to say, Rolf Harris features prominently!

My First Album

Nursery rhyme CDs are popular for toddler birthday parties. This one is very good, and includes a DVD containing subtitles to help children learn the words.

100 Hits - Kids

This very cheap 5-CD set should be a massive hit if the kids at your party are fans of modern children's TV. Lots of theme tunes in this collection, from the likes of CBeebies and Channel 4's Milkshake, including the wonderful 'Space Pirates', plus plenty of songs sung by the characters from children's TV shows. Very good value.

Playing your music


Still the most common 'delivery system' for party music. For children's parties, take care to put the CD player well away from food & drink, and out of the way of over-excited small people! The last thing you want is jumping and scratched CDs.

Using computers or MP3 players

If you have a desktop computer or laptop you can use this as your player. Tracks can be played from CD or MP3 file (or other typical audio format such as .ogg). You also have the option of streaming the music smoothly using a service such as the excellent Spotify. If you do use Spotify, bear in mind that the free version of the service you must have a live internet connection and it will throw in a short advert every few songs, which can break the ambience. They do offer a trial of the paid-for service, so you could time this trial for your party, or just sign up - well worth the few quid a month if you are a music lover! The paid version of Spotify also allows you to play files offline, and put them on MP3 players, which may be more convenient.

If you intend to use an MP3 player, you will need some kind of amplification system. There are hundreds of iPod or MP3 player docking stations on the market which allow you to play your MP3 player through speakers.

If you have a '4th Generation' iPod, make sure to check it will fit into your chosen docking station before you buy.

Remember, if you are planning a round of Pass the Parcel or Musical Chairs at your child's party, you need to be able to easily stop and start the music on whichever device you are using.